Our Products


Almonds and Almond Snacks

The cool wet winters, mild springs and hot dry summers of the northern San Joaquin County in California are a perfect setting for growing almonds. Our organic orchard was planted 40 years ago and continues to thrive. Botanically the almond is considered a fruit and is related to the peach. It has more vitamin E than any other nut, is the first fruit tree to bloom in the Spring, and was once considered a symbol of sweetness and fragility. We make our almond snacks with 100% organic ingredients in an antique copper candy kettle. Try them in salads, combined with olives as appetizers, we love to add them to yogurt in the morning, and our raw almonds are almost addictive. Go ahead, eat as many as you want, they're good for you!


Fruit Spread

Our fruit spreads are hand-made in small batches here on the farm in our certified organic kitchen . We grow the Bing cherries and the boysenberries and the Blenheim apricots that we use are grown organically by our friend Pete Van Dyke at Van Dyke Farms in GIlroy, Ca. Our cherries and berries are so sweet and we like our apricots to retain their tart aromatic flavor so we add very little sugar - which is why we call it Fruit Spread. We invite you to spread a little sweetness.