About Lagier Ranches

  • John Lagier is a 4th generation farmer in San Joaquin County, California. His great grand father dry farmed wheat and barley and raised mules, his grandfather continued on the same land with a cattle ranch which his father then diversified into almond orchards, vineyards and row crops. Each generation added more diversity to the farm.
  • John began farming grapes and almonds in 1979. He initiated his own generational footprint on the land in 1992 when he started to transition the farm to organic and we became Lagier Ranches, Inc. By 1996 we were 100% organic.
  • In 2000, our quest for sustainability and diversification led us to the creation of a commercial kitchen on the farm where all the sweet fruits of our labors could be packaged and sold directly to the consumer. The results are farm crafted almond snacks, almond butters, fruit spreads and hand-made pies made with fruit fillings that taste like the fruit was just picked. We call it "from the soil to the plate".
  • We grow cherries, blackberries, boysenberries, citrus, almonds, Bronx table grapes, paw paws, and more – all of which are sold fresh to local produce markets, stores, restaurants and farmers markets. Our almond snacks, almond butters and fruit spreads are also sold on-line.

Our People

John Lagier
  • John Lagier
  • John attended Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. He manages the day-to-day activities on the farm.
Cruz Jaramillo
  • Cruz Jaramillo, Foreman
  • Raised in Pinos Atos, Durango, Mexico, Cruz has been with Lagier Ranches since 1972. Cruz and his wife Mercedes have five children.
Lorenzo Huerta
  • Lorenzo Huerta
  • Also from Pinos Atos, Durango, Mexico, Lorenzo has been with Lagier Ranches since 1975. Lorenzo and his wife Clementina have four children.
Lorenzo Huerta
  • Casey Havre
  • Casey divides her time between Loulou’s Garden, now a part of Lagier Ranches, and managing our livestock. She especially loves spending time with our flock of geese.

Contact Us

  • Lagier Ranches, Inc.

  • 16161 S. Murphy Rd
  • Escalon, CA 95320
  • phone: 209-982-5618 or toll free at 888.353.5618
  • email: info@lagierranches.com

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